Bionic Mamas

you're not losing a vagina, you're gaining a son

12 thoughts on “Big Belly, Short Arms

  1. Ha ha! OMG, I just died. Also now rethinking toilet tissue, yes, from the floor, where I am lying dead. They're right, it IS disgusting! Why did I never realise this before?
    Oh. WHY.

  2. Hey, whatever gets you through the day, I say. 🙂

  3. HAHAHAHA, toilet paper is DISGUSTING! I need me a comfort wipe STAT!

  4. OMG OMG OMG is all I can say. Maintain your dignity?

  5. I don't have any dignity. Do you think it might restore it?

  6. may, if it doesn't do the trick, try improving your golf game. golfing is very dignified.

  7. My current cold is really done a number on my neck and shoulder muscles – maybe I need this? You are a veritable font of information! Thanks!

  8. omg. the only way that could have been better is if they had actually shown people simulating using it.

  9. I agree with Pom! I was actually waiting for that to happen.

  10. OMG! LOL! At least you're only gonna need it for a few months.

    Keep in mind that there's people out there who will need it for a life time…

    Look always for the bright side.

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