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In Fact…


In fact, I do not feel very guilty about the fish oil. Partly, I’m not especially convinced it does so very much good for teh bebe (see here), and partly, I think it’s of some import to my delicate psyche not to get too far down the road of “perfection” in this whole parenting thing. I put perfection in quotation marks because I don’t believe there is such a thing in this arena; I think that the sooner and more often I remind myself of that, the better. I don’t think that not taking vitamins is bad parenting. I think this is bad parenting.

As for slippery slopes, it turns out that the one I should have been keeping an eye out for was lurking in my kitchen the whole time. After a slow, v.e.r.y careful trip home from the coop on Thursday, carrying just slightly more weight than was wise, I stepped into the apartment, pleased with myself for not falling on the snowy/icy broken pavement. One step onto the kitchen tiles and I went down like the proverbial ton of bricks, if said ton had gained 30 pounds and weighed itself down with organic produce. The good part is that I landed on my knees, so no belly worries. The bad part is I landed on my knees. Except for the parts of my legs that hit my clogs first. Related: is there anything so annoying as being badly beaten up and having the bruises barely show? Or is that tipping my drama-queen hand a bit far?

What with the bashed up knees and accompanying jarred back, I have been less than no help this long weekend, as Sugar has begun Project Nest, aka, Project Babies Don’t Sleep On Bookshelves. Great masses of furniture and boxes have been moved around the house or into our Fibber-McGee-esque storage locker. IKEA has been braved; flat rate delivery fees have been efficiently taken advantage of. Flotillas of boxes have arrived, heavy with flat-packed Swedish design, and, emptied of their cargo, have sailed away to the garbage room. Today, Sugar set up a new bookcase (just because babies don’t sleep on them doesn’t mean we don’t have need of another; this will replace two shorter ones) and a chaise (Operation Maximum Sleep — the chaise means an adult can sleep in our bed while another dozes by the crib). Still to come: crib, massive wardrobe for our bedroom to make up for some of the lost storage space, and our knock-off of Shelli’s genius changing table hack.

The end result in the Bean’s room — which, things being how they are, will still have to include several non-Bean pieces of furniture — should be something like this:

the bean's room
Because Every Baby Needs A Piano And A Filing Cabinet

Progress so far has been monitored by Inspector Orson, who has given preliminary approval to the chaise (shown here with side A of the play-quilt “we” (mostly Sugar) made over Christmas.


He does not, however, extend his approval to the camera’s autofocus light.


10 thoughts on “In Fact…

  1. falling is my nightmare these days. i'm sure it will happen before the next 20 weeks pass by.

    LOVE the quilt. i don't think i knew you guys were so crafty.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry you fell! Ouch! I agree that it does indeed suck to be in pain that no one else can visibly see. Definitely cuts down on the sympathy!

    That is one huge room! 16 feet?! Am I reading that right? Ours is like 8 by 9, so we will be removing every possible bit of excess. Later. When I'm not so exhausted. Hopefully C will be up for it. Oh, love the quilt, too! I'm excited to see photos once it's all done(ish).

    Oh, and thanks for the fish oil link– food for thought. It's maddening how these things become routine even though there is little or no benefit. I suppose I'll keep taking it? But nice to know I could drop it without guilt later on if I get fed up with the 500 supplements that I seem to “need.”

  3. Ouch, that fall sounds painful.

    Super cute kitty and I think I want to move into your baby's room. Wow, that is fabulous.

  4. LOL, you're post made me laugh out loud but I'm glad you're OK after that fall!! Scary stuff, told in such a hilarious way πŸ™‚

  5. One day in the future, your child is going to be either rolling over, crawling, walking or talking just a little bit later than some other kid you know and you're going to wonder, shit, was it because I didn't take the fish oil? And the answer is a resounding NO πŸ™‚ Just wanted to get that out of the way. You and your belly-saving knees are doing a wonderful job gestating. Oh, and we totally do the same thing when arranging/re-arranging furniture in rooms. I love doing the small-scale, move em around the paper thing. HGTV be still my heart.

  6. The quilt is adorable! And good for landing on your knees, although that still must be terribly painful. Don't you just love graph paper? I always keep some around in case I need to rearrange the furniture. πŸ™‚

  7. Our nursery was coming along wonderfully, and then a friend needed a place to stay. And is now staying in baby land. I'm trying not to twitch. LOL.

    Looks like your plans are well under way.

    Now try and stay safe!!!

  8. The fall: scary! The grid: too funny. The quilt: lovely and impressive. The cat: precious. The fishoil: good choice. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh my god you poor thing with the fall! Not fun at all. I love your grid and all your plans. That kittie is just too much.

  10. Oh, I just love getting out the graph paper and making little mock furniture. (Excellent color choice on the crib, too! Though I was confused by that item, as I thought babies slept in filing cabinets.) I hope your knees don't swell up and render you immobile.

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