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Elephant Snow Day


This must be how Hannibal’s regiment felt.

Elephant Snow Day

Thank you to the Hot Mamas for the pachyderms! They are so much cuter than they look here — the ears! the quilted, plaid ears! — but I was afraid I’d never get this up if I didn’t do it now.

And thank you to An Offering (can I call you Anoff?) for organizing this very fun swap.

5 thoughts on “Elephant Snow Day

  1. So glad you like them. 😀 (The note said something like “one for the tree and one for the baby” or you know, something much wittier than that, but that was the general idea. Heh.)

  2. They look cute in photo as is.

  3. Oh, now, those are REALLY cute.

  4. Sure 😉

    love the elephants!!

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