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A Wish For Today


I’d like to find the fellow who invented the glucose tolerance screening procedure.

And then I would like to puke on him. And kick him for a bit.

Related: Should I really still feel like donkey shit, ten and a half hours after the test? Does this mean that my body is not, in fact, any good at processing glucose, that I will fail the test and be told to do the three-hour one? Because…no. Have no risk factors and no family history of diabetes. Am getting lots of scans of The Bean* anyway, because of the PAPP-A thing, so there will be plenty of chances to keep an eye on its growth and well-being.

Dammit, I was perfectly healthy** this morning, and then I went to the doctor and they made me sick as hell.

My apologies to any who are hurt by today’s “pregnancy sucks” tone. Pregnancy — at least this one — does not suck. I am happy to be pregnant and enjoying it very much, I assure you. I do not enjoy being made to feel nauseated, faint, weak, disoriented, achy, and generally awful***, but pregnancy didn’t do those things to me (at least not all at once).

*Including today! Everything fine! Pictures when one of us is well enough to scan them. Sugar remembers all kinds of cute things that are a bit of a blur to me, so maybe we should make her post about it, eh?

**If you don’t count the heartburn and the rib thing, but let’s not.

***And POSSIBLY a TINY bit emotionally overwrought.

10 thoughts on “A Wish For Today

  1. I felt like that after all three of mine, and only failed the last one (then passed the three-hour). So it doesn't necessarily mean anything except that the body hates major blood-sugar swings, period, especially when pregnant.

  2. I had a rather rotten pregnant day, too…it's okay. It's not all rainbows and butterflies every day.

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures! Glad everything is going well but sorry you still felt so sick 10 hours later. That's awful.

  4. As a type 1 diabetic, I hear ya! Giant fluctuations in your body's glucose level are never fun 😦 here's wishing you all the best for your test results! 😀

  5. Oh gosh, that sounds miserable!!!!!

    I'm suposed to do my glucose test in early January and they just called the other day to say—as of that day—the clinic has a totally new protocol. It's basically a tiny notch down from the big second test women who don't pass the first test go through. So I don't think I will ever taste that orange sugary fluid?! Anyway, random.

    Can't wait to see your pics!! xoxo

  6. I declined it, because I had no risk factors… but I think it makes everyone feel awful. I mean, I'd feel awful after that much sugar even when NOT pregnant!

  7. Ugh — sorry it made you feel like shit — did the same thing to me, with a whole bunch of jitters that I thought would never ever go away. My solution to everything? Water. Hope the results were clean and you don't have to do it again x3!

  8. Oh Bionic Mama – your not sounding so Lindsay Wagner today – but that is okay…pregnancy is allowed to suck some of the time!

    Geez, there was plenty o' testing to get here and now they are still testing you….doesn't seem fair!

    Hope you (and Sugar) are feeling better soon!

    LS x

  9. Ugh, sorry! The GTT does suck, but hopefully you will pass and not have to do the 3-hr thing, which sounds like pure torture. I vaguely remember reading about things to do (eat high protein the preceding day. maybe?) that makes it slightly less awful if you do have to do it, but I'm hoping that you get away without it!! Feel better!

  10. Sorry it made you feel so awful. I had to do it once back when we were going through the first round of testing (I think to see if I had insulin resistance from my PCOS), and I do remember feeling just general bleagh for the rest of the day.

    Glad all is well with bean. Hope you are feeling better after the weekend, and that you don't have to do another one of those.

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