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My lady parts: an artist’s rendering


Hi everybody. Thanks for your kind comments. I am feeling much better now, I’m not even taking Aleve anymore. Yay!

I had my post-op consult today. No surprises – the surgeon wants me to see a neurologist before I go on birth control to make sure it’s safe, since I had a few migraines with aura in 1999. She told me I had to wait yet another week before going back to my regular workout schedule (fml, I just shouldn’t have asked). And she showed me pictures of my own internal organs. Weird.

Apparently, my left ovary was very big and angry. It spent a lot of time threatening to beat up the right ovary. Both of my ovaries were bigger than my uterus, which made the uterus kind of worried.


BEFORE being stabbed


AFTER being stabbed

6 thoughts on “My lady parts: an artist’s rendering

  1. I'm glad you are feeling so much better…and, I am totally with you on hating percoset. It makes me feel like I'm operating through a mile thick fog blanket and I hate it.

  2. The British version of percocet makes me throw up. So I hate it too. Glad you're feeling so much better after your stabbing. The pictures of your lady-parts made me laugh – but, still, blimey, your poor little out-gunned uterus. Much sympathy.

  3. Glad you're doing better and LOVE the drawings!

  4. Oh dear! Poor parts. I love the tripped-out expression of the angry ovary post-stabbing. “What just happened to me?” And the uterus has that patient motherly look.

    Glad to hear all is on the mend.

  5. Oh no! The drawings really do illustrate what's going on. I'm glad Mr. Lefty calmed down after the stabbiing, and I hope they both get their act together soon for you!

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