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23 Weeks 6 Days And All’s Well


Hi folks. We are okay, just busy. Sugar is mending pretty well — her post-op appointment is tomorrow, so I hope we’ll know more then. Poor dear hates percocet, though. Isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? (More for the rest of us….) I’ve managed to mostly keep the household from falling down around our ears while she’s been sick, but it’s pretty darn shambles-y. And my mother is arriving on Tuesday (probably because I spent last Monday’s commute weeping at her over the phone).

No, no hormonal craziness at all, why do you ask?

Everything medical seems to be fine. I have passed my cervix checks; first growth scan (because of low PAPP-A at nuchal) is Tuesday. I met OB 4 of 4, the one with the scary, super-skinny picture, and she was fine. She did not yell at me for gaining so much weight, contrary to my expectation. (And boy howdy, I have gained some weight. I have now officially crossed into “I have never weighed this much” territory. Yikes.) I get tired more easily and walking is beginning to be strangely exhausting for someone whose life involves so much of it. Like walking in sand. I have discovered that wearing the good ol’ Bella Band over my maternity pants is the secret to not having to yank them up every 3 steps, at least.

Must get back to salt mines grading. But hello! and We Are Not Dead!

Here is a picture of my best pumpkin impression:

23 weeks 6 days

13 thoughts on “23 Weeks 6 Days And All’s Well

  1. Eeee! I love the belly pic! And just in time for the holiday, too. 🙂

  2. So adorably cute. Just makes me all happyjoy inside. 🙂

  3. Sweet, adorable pumpkin!!! I have to try the bellaband trick cause I have the same problem!

  4. You look fabulous. Screw the super skinny people (to include the MDs). And Thanks for the bella band trick — my pants today nearly fell down since I had my hands full when walking down broadway.

  5. I am totally trying the bellaband trick. And I LOVE your pumpkin. Sugar is going to be okay, right? Any word on her recovery?

  6. Great belly pic! Glad to hear that Sugar is recovering and you're not getting weight-gain flack. Enjoy your mom's visit!

  7. so freaking adorable! i lovelovelove your baby belly.

    (confession: i'm already in i-never-weighed-this-much territory and it's only week 12.)

  8. Lovely to hear from you!

    Thanks for the tip on the bella band- I was debating buying one to keep myself in my regular pants for a wee bit longer, but wasn't sure how useful it would be afterwards. Now I'm sold.

    Love the belly pic!

  9. Thanks for the update on you & Sugar. So glad to hear everyone is doing well. Love the bump!

  10. I love the belly pic! Good to hear Sugar is on the mend.

  11. Reading your updates is like looking in the mirror! Growth scan for us on Wed. Ditto on the out of breath and walking being hard. I feel like such a gimp! And my belly shot is pretty identical as well. (Have long been in the “never weighed this much before” territory. Add to that, I seemed to have gone up a shoe size?) But glad as is well and Sugar is on the mend. Happy t-day to you!

  12. Love the pic! You make an excellent pumpkin 🙂 Happy to hear Sugar is feeling better, poor thing.

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