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Baby’s First Stoop Sale Saturday


In Which Bionic Is Reassured That Non-Pink/Blue Baby Clothes Do Exist.

And they’re darn cute, too.
I’m posting this partly so Sugar can see them while she’s visiting her parents for the weekend. She’ll be home tomorrow, but should she really have to wait a whole day to see this?

8 thoughts on “Baby’s First Stoop Sale Saturday

  1. Those are lovely!
    I too hate the pink/blue regime.

  2. I am crossing the ocean and stealing that onesie. So.

  3. My guess is that all of those clothes are from the BOY section. Because girls are only allowed to wear pastels and ruffles, and boys wear everything else.

    However, they are CUTE.

  4. those brown overalls are adorable! (as is everything else, but those are going to go with everything!)

  5. I WANT! They are so cute! (And I am so with you on the pink/blue thing. It drives me crazy when I cannot find good bub clothes for a friend's baby girl that aren't pink or purple or stating that she is a little princess.)

  6. Nice haul! Finding something other than pink/blue/truck/princess is no easy task but you've hit the jackpot. Darling – and they will be even better with your baby in them.

  7. We are in search of gender neutral clothing as well, and it's not too bad if we stick to the boy section πŸ™‚ lots of jungle stuff πŸ™‚ these are adorable!

  8. Those are the cutest clothes.

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