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What We’re Googling, 17 Week Edition



drop-side cribs
(Seriously, thoughts, fellow shorties? How the hell am I supposed to reach all the way over the side?)

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9 thoughts on “What We’re Googling, 17 Week Edition

  1. I'm short.

    We have a drop-side crib from before, but installed the “It's not a drop-side anymore” stabilizer in the course of the recall. It was no problem when the mattress was at newborn height. Now that we're at the middle level, I can't reach all the way to the far side of the crib, but this hasn't prevented me from any important child care (yet).

    Once we have to lower it all the way, I'm screwed. As my grandma says, “You can't fall off the floor,” so maybe he'll just have to try floor sleeping for awhile.

    In all seriousness, I think that Ikea cribs are notably shorter than standard. The reason we didn't go with Ikea in the first place was because we wanted drop-side. Because of the shortness. Fail.

    Good luck in the crib choosing, and that's exciting that you're googling quickening.

  2. I hated our drop side crib! We got a lifestyle crib the second time around and loved that it was set basically on the floor. However, I clearly remember stepping through the slats and trying to lean all the way over to place a sleeping baby down. The world was not made for us tiny folk!

  3. We cosleep. We do have a crib, though. I expect I'll wind up using a step stool if she ever sleeps in it.

  4. I'd throw in a shout for Ikea cribs, too–my friend just got one and I'm amazed at how low it is! Even my tiny wife (she's 5'1 and 3/4″, precisely) can reach all the way down into it.

  5. I wonder about reaching, too. Many have different levels for the mattress, though…would that help?

    Quickening…does this mean you felt movement?????

  6. Sorry to hear of the herps situation. I've had them my whole life (read: before the invetion of those neat little pills) and remember how huge and painful they can be without treatment (nothing like smearing blistex all over your mouth and having your 4th grade teach suggest you have a 3rd degree burn). I don't have any awesome suggestions…just sending good thoughts as you get through it.

    Thanks for the comment the other day. You're a damn good writer.

  7. no advice on the cribs (mine is a beast to bend over), but just wanted to say YAY for quickening!! :~)

  8. the cribs often present a problem for me when i nanny. i'm 4' 11 and 3/4″ and when it is at the newborn height it's usually alright. Once the mattress is lowered it can be hard. i took to keeping a step stool next to the cribs so i could reach the kids easier. but then that puts you on a step stool with a squirming bundle of toddler! if you use a step stool i suggest a good sturdy wood one, and not one that folds up.

    i take l-lysine for my canker sores. i used to get up to 8 at a time, and that made it not so easy to talk and eat. i also use toothpaste and mouth wash that are free of sodium laurel sulfate and alcohol because both are known to cause irritation. a few months ago i got a random cold sore and upped my dose of l-lysine. it went away much faster. i also used peroxide on it a few times a day and put some antibiotic ointment on it to keep the chance of an infection down. it can also be helpful to eat less foods that have l-arginine in them and increase the ones that have l-lysine. this chart is a little hard to read but it's very thorough

    yay for quickening!

  9. I'm short (Mr S calls me his Shribbet) and we don;t have a drop-side crib- they always seemed to be getting recalled. When they are small and the mattress is still high up, it's no problem, but once you have the mattress lower, you'll need a good sturdy stool. I suggest one like these: rather than a cheap Ikea one. You don;t want to tip or wobble with that precious bundle in your arms!

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