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So Far, So Good


today’s beta = 2988

So that’s:
14dpo = 137
21 dpo = 2988
Doubling time = 1.57 days
Everyone at the Baby Factory seems happy with those numbers. (But the nurse I had today, whom I like a lot, seemed happy from the get go. She kept acting like I was pregnant, imagine that!)
U/S Monday after next.
Holy Shit.

20 thoughts on “So Far, So Good

  1. Wohooo! And you ARE pregnant 🙂

  2. Fantastic numbers 🙂 YAY!!!!!!

  3. Holy shit man. You are so pregnant girl. I am so excited! This is amazing news, AMAY-ZING!!!! So so so happy for you ladies for real. xoxo

  4. Nice numbers! And Congrats!

  5. I just keep getting happier and happier! 🙂

  6. Those numbers are great! Embrace it. YOU ARE PREGNANT! I'm very happy for you!

  7. I've been following along, lurking if you will – but I am over the moon for you! Congrats, congrats!

  8. Yes. You really are! Isn't it MAD when the medical people think that?
    Good on you, Bionic!

  9. Very good news! Hooray! 😀

  10. Wonderful numbers! I'm trying to embrace too and it is going pretty well so far. Want to be my pregnancy buddy? 🙂

  11. Cracking up that you are so scared that holy shit became Holy Shit. Keep the Shit Holy and all will be well.

    You're pregnant and it shows.

  12. Just found you via Schroedinger and wanted to add my little woo-hoos to the general chorus. I'm still confused about your three vaginas, but good for you.

  13. yes. You''re pregnant mamas!!! Now you'll be receiving emails from my sister in England with her gratuitous advice of wire brushes for your nipples and a bottle of guiness a day. I swear
    it's true. She also gives erroneous advice about hemorrhoids for afterbirth.
    My only advice is steal all the ice panties at the hospital. ( You'll understand in 9 months.)
    Love you both and so glad you've held your chins up!!!Keep'em'up!!xxx PW

  14. Congratulations to you both! (I wandered over here from Schroedinger's Womb, and thought I should introduce myself.) We didn't do betas, so I have no idea about the numbers really, but they *look* impressive. 🙂

  15. thanks again for the support 🙂 Congrats on the numbers 🙂 (wink, wink) You know me and my betas. My U/S is next thursday…

  16. Yay for great numbers. Hope the days till the u/s go by quickly for you.

  17. YUP..thats what we call PREGNANT..awesome betas, great doubling time..”they say” if it gets above 2000 thats a really good sign…cant wait for the first scan..

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