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Perfect Moments


Hey, y’all. Chez Bionique = still reeling. Happy, befuddled, occasionally panicking…never a dull moment, as they say.

Symptom watch includes mild (but not so mild that I wouldn’t take an Advil under other circumstances) cramping, some fatigue, and — I’m going to count this — the biggest MFing cold sores I have had in easily 15 years. As in, where did the left side of my upper lip go? Yuck. Dr. Baby Factory says no taking anything, even L-Lysine. (Confession: I took some before I asked. I guess I’ll not take any more. Probably.) Your miracle cures welcome.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed to participate in Weeble’s Perfect Moment Mondays, but Sunday had a couple of moments that bear recording, I think.

Here is Sugar, under the triumphal arch near our place:

A Piano At The Plaza

Piano courtesy of Play Me, I’m Yours

My father is a pianist. He played Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Bach every night of my childhood. Some of my favorite baby pictures are with him at the keyboard, in a carrier on his back or pounding the keys beside him like a real hambone. He put neon green stickers on the ends of an octave’s worth of keys to teach me their names; I don’t remember ever not knowing. For reasons related to the crippling shyness that characterized my early childhood, I never took lessons, so while I can play a little, not much, really. (Let’s not go any further down that road, lest the crying start.)

Even when we were first “dating” (misnomer for typically lesbian reasons), I was comforted to think that Sugar’s ability to play represented a kind of redemption on that count, that there would, after all, be someone to play for our children.

Which brings me to this:


Yes, I surely did go out and by the pricey kind only when I already knew what it would say. What of it?

13 thoughts on “Perfect Moments

  1. LOL. I did the same thing too this time. Even after my betas. I just wanted a mini computer to shout it our loud.

  2. Woot! I know you announced yesterday, but I'm just hearing today, and that's fantastic!

    I'm a pianist, too (probably not in the ranks of your dad) and I also see perfection in that photo of Sugar.

    WOOHOO for the 3Vs!

  3. Of course you got the pricey one when you knew what it would say. Because if you're going to pee on a million and one sticks the million should be the cheapies and the one is the one you'll save for the photo book.
    I love the pick of Sugar too.

  4. What a great photo! Sorry about the nasty cold sores. I can imagine that's pretty unpleasant to deal with. I totally don't blame you for getting the pricey test! I would have done the same thing for sure.

  5. Hey, if I ever get a BFP, I am not only getting a pricey test and taking a picture. I am FRAMING it. LOL. Congrats, mama. Love the photo.

  6. I was a lot worse than that, I had a two day frenzy of HPT buying at multiple chemists, because I wanted a digi as well as a larger stash of normal ones. All of which are still in my top drawer. Strangely enough, the two lines where previously there had only ever been one, was more exciting for me than THE WORD (although that was nice, too, to be sure).
    Beautiful sunshine, bare feet, public piano, bun in the oven…..could there be a more perfect moment?

  7. Ooh Bionic! It's so exciting.

    Love the street piano. Brilliant idea. I wish I could play a bit – but I am musically illiterate and all that remains a mystery.

  8. TEARS! I'm so happy for you both. (I missed the original announcement due to weekend.) This is glorious, glorious news. While I know there are many scary steps left, I will go ahead and imagine the Little One playing as well. You know, once it's got hands.)

  9. testing — why aren't the comments in my email box showing?

  10. seeing that ONE word pop up is priceless! 😀

  11. Try Blistex or Camphophenique for the fever blister. I was allowed to use those when pregnant.

    Love all the pics in this truly perfect post!

  12. Did you hear it? Did you hear it!?

    I squealed in RI for you!! SQUEALED!



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