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Lying Down All Over Town


Today we did the embryo transfer!

I took the day off work to be able to go with Baby to all her various appointments – acupuncture, transfer, acupuncture, home – and in order to do so I told my office that she was having ‘surgery.’ Now they are all worried about her, and probably think she has cancer, since I was so unspecific. On Saturday she actually had surgery (egg retrieval) and I was all worried about her, but didn’t manage to talk to anyone about that, since it was Saturday. Between Sunday and this morning she has been quite sick – in pain, vomiting, the works. But now this evening she seems a lot better, thank goodness.

So here was our day:

6 a.m.
vomiting (Baby)

8:30 We take the train to midtown and go to Baby’s acupuncturist’s office there. Baby goes to lie down. I wander around in search of breakfast, saltines, and a seasickness bracelet for Baby. It is ridiculously hot outside.

10:30 We take a cab to the Kips Bay Baby Factory, where everyone is surprised that we are early. The nurse clearly thinks Baby has already had some Valium at home because she is moving so slowly and acting spacey, but we convince her that no, it’s just the puking and the lack of sleep. The nurse gives Baby some Valium.

10:45 We are seated in front of this sign. I had not previously realized that the doctors here think of themselves as ganstas.


yo yo YO!

10:50 Dr. Thursday comes to talk to us. He is disorientingly jovial. Also he has tiny feet, which I find myself staring at. However, all the news he gives us is great. 26 of Baby’s eggs fertilized, and 20 of those are still growing. There is a good looking blastocyst to transfer and there will be some to freeze, somewhere between 4 and 10. We won’t find out how many they actually froze until tomorrow afternoon.

11:00 Baby and Dr. Thursday go into a Laurel and Hardy routine about left and right cervices. Dr. Thursday says Dr. Baby Factory told him to go in through the right cervix, but Baby says he must have meant Dr. Thursday’s right, i.e. Baby’s left, etc., etc. After a while Dr. Thursday agrees to poke around and not jab anything too hard until he figures it out.

11:35 Dr. Thursday breezes by me in the waiting room and says I can go back to the recovery room. He waves his arm around saying ‘it’s to the left.’ I try the door he came out of, which is locked. I sneak through a different door and stick my head past the gansta sign into a completely empty hallway and shout. Eventually a nurse wanders by and directs me through two totally other doors to where Baby is lying down. She seems calm and happy and has this picture printed out and lying on her chest.


our first blastocyst


1:00 We sweatily arrive at another office near the Baby Factory where Baby’s acupuncturist also works. Baby goes to lie down and have needles stuck in her again. I read a trashy vampire novel.

2:00 Back on the train to Brooklyn.

3:00 Baby lies down in our blessedly air-conditioned apartment. Because there is no food in the house, I prepare for the trek through the blazing heat to the Food Coop.

4:00 (presumably Baby is still lying down) I search for popsicle molds (no dice) and stuff to make miso soup, which Baby has requested.

6:00 I make miso soup.

7:00 Baby and I eat the soup. Nobody vomits. Score!

18 thoughts on “Lying Down All Over Town

  1. Wow.. sounds like an insane day..and today was Very Very hot. Much luck with your embies, so glad you got some to freeze!

  2. I've been waiting for an update. Sounds like a nuts day and sorry to hear that Baby has been so sick, but what an exciting moment!

    Good that Baby was able to get in some well-timed acupuncture. I also love that you have a picture of the blast. We didn't get that.

    Much luck to you guys with your lovely little embie! *fingers crossed*

  3. Well short of the vomiting and lack of sleep it all sounds pretty good. Hope Baby is resting well and so glad the general anesthesia wasn't needed. Sending many good thoughts that soon you will have a lovely positive test!

  4. Yay perfect little blast! Good luck, good luck! And I hope Baby stops the vomit session soon…no fun. I'm glad you were able to go together.

  5. Well, aside from the vomiting, sounds like a perfect day šŸ™‚
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  6. What a beautiful blastocyst, full of potential!
    I think you've both earned a rest after that, eh?

  7. How cute are you guys? šŸ™‚ Baby and you are lucky to have one another. Hopeful for your lovely blastocyst. Have a great TWW.

  8. What a beautiful little blast. Keeping my fingers crossed that it settles in for the long haul.

  9. Sounds like the transfer went well šŸ™‚ Sending you lots of luck!

  10. So exciting! Sorry to hear of all the pre-transfer sickness, but so happy everything went well. Sending lots of love and sticky thoughts your way.

  11. That is in all honestly a great looking blast. Totally perfect! So exciting, I am so sure that you are both going to be looking at your first 2 lines next week! Eeeee!!!

  12. Exciting, exciting, exciting. I love you both. Ah, the suspense! How is Baby feeling now?

  13. That blast is perfect ladies, so so pretty! Wishing, hoping crossing it all that it will snuggle in and stay for the next nuevo meses. Sucks about the vomitting, sorry, hope it did not come back. And man those doctors are straight up gangstas, love that pose man. Thinking of you both.

  14. Wow. First: What a brilliant poster although it only adds to my theory that all male doctors are megalomaniacs ( some female too.)
    I am so sorry you have to go through this in this
    God awful heat.But it will make a great story to
    tell babys's baby( both of you.)in the future.
    and you're lucky I wasn't nursing you as I'dve o.d.ed you on love you both,P.W.

  15. Awesome looking blast. And that gangsta pose on that photo cracked me the hell up! Rest up and get pregnant now…that's an order!

  16. So exciting! Wishing you a easy and short implantation week!

  17. What wonderful news! I hope it all goes well for both of you šŸ™‚ (And I love the gangsta-doctor haha). Best wishes šŸ˜€

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