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ET Phone Home


Okay, I know that post title makes no sense; I just felt like it.

The fact that I am aware that it’s meaningless should indicate to you that I am off the percocet. After a fairly wretched Sunday and a somewhat rough Monday morning, my belly stopped aching and I didn’t need it anymore. Acupuncture probably helped, too. I’m still somewhat bloated — only up 2 lbs. from retrieval day but it’s all in my suddenly barrel-shaped tummy — and my back/hips/thighs hurt the way they have been ever since my ovaries got big, but nothing really excruciating. Walking sucks a bit because of the legs, but it’s also 90+ degrees, humid, and smelly out, so staying in isn’t such a problem. (Although I also think being sedentary is part of how my back got so bad….)

Saw Dr. BF today, who wanded and specul-ized both vaginae and declared me fit to fly without anesthesia. Yay! He thinks a tenaculum will be involved — UNyay — but it almost always is when my cervix needs crossing, so at least I’m pretty used to it. He didn’t come right out and say it had been silly (lazy?) to suggest I needed to be knocked out, but he did say, again, that they really only use that for patients who can’t stand a speculum at all. Here’s an idea: maybe they could have left that decision to someone who’s met me when conscious, not just gone by the word of Dr. Saturday. (And folks who can’t stand a speculum and do IVF anyway? HATS OFF to you. You are at least eleventy-million times braver than I.)

It turns out Sugar can’t be there anyway, because they just don’t allow that. Poo. She’ll come with me to the office, and I know the important part isn’t whether she’s physically with me for that particular 20 minutes but that she’s with me in the ways that count throughout all this. I’m gonna stop before I make y’all yack on your keyboards, but the point is: my wife pretty much rocks.

So! We’re on for a valium-inflected ET tomorrow. I asked how the ol’ emby gang is doing, and while I didn’t get numbers and letters (and frankly don’t really want them at this stage in the game), Dr. BF says they’re doing great, better than typical. Genuises, all, playing suzuki violin and writing plays, I’m sure. I really hope we’ll have some to freeze, so that it doesn’t feel like everything is hanging on this cycle.

Thanks for all your ET stories. I’ll think of you in my valium haze, while trying to ignore the spikes in my cervix.

13 thoughts on “ET Phone Home

  1. Oh good! Was wondering/worrying about this and so glad it's going to work out more of the way you wanted it to. I have no doubt all the embys are geniuses already. How hard it will be for you and Sugar to decide which of their many talents to nurture from such a young age πŸ™‚

  2. Tenaculum- yow!

    Hope it is all smooth sailing!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! The whole dual specul-ized vagina situation is quite intriguing, honestly. You should write a blog about it. πŸ™‚

  4. happy to hear all is going relatively well. sounds like there are babies to be had! enjoy the valium

  5. Yay to no anesthesia! I'm glad you'll be able to see them going in instead of having to play another round of “what happened?” when you wake up. So glad to hear your little guys are doing well. With that many you're bound to have some seriously good embryos to choose from. GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. I'm so glad you get to be awake for it. Good luck tomorrow!

  7. wonderful news- very glad things are going so smoothly now.

    When I had my ET's I couldn't have anyone with me but as soon as I was allowed to pee (oh lawd I just had a flashback to the holding the pee moment!) my best friend (who was my driver and good luck charm and is now the Buddha Mother to W)was allowed to come back and keep me company. Which was awesome because both times I was so loopy that I totally needed a steady hand to help me get dressed and put my shoes on.

    I am so excited for you guys and just beaming all kinds of mojo and love and luck your way!

  8. Yay for no anesthesia. You don't need no stinkin anesthesia! πŸ™‚ Can't wait to hear how transfer went.

  9. can't wait to read today's update!

  10. Oh I hope it went beautifully and as painlessly as possible, considering the Tenaculum! *Shivers* It really sounds like you endured a lot getting through this cycle, but like it's gone really well.

  11. I'm sad that you wont get to have your wife with you for the ET. I was a surrogate for a couple and they both got to be in the room with me during the ET. I guess different clinics have different policies, but I don't think its fair. =(

  12. Thinking of you and hoping for an easy, pain-free transfer!

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