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…but not tonight. Holy Moses, this stimming business has me worn out, internet. I seriously do not know how some of you have done this and had real jobs, other kids, etc., at the same time.

Things continue apace around here. Back still hurts, but other side effects have tapered off. Mostly between a 4 (“My pain is not fucking around”) and a 6 (Ow. My pain is super legit now) on Hyberbole and a Half‘s* brilliant pain scale. Definitely nowhere near 10 (“I am actively being mauled by a bear”).

E2 rising. Follies growing in fits and starts. I’ve been in for monitoring every day since Friday, as my quicker than expected response made them think OHSS thoughts. It’s sort of annoying to schlep in every day, but mostly it’s comforting to feel so cared for.
They said today I’ll probably trigger tomorrow or Friday (‘course, they said that yesterday, too), which means ER this weekend. I’m still a little scared, though mostly I’m too tired to remember to be anxious.
That said, your “it was no big deal”-type ER stories are very appreciated, in comments or links.
*Do you need more funny in your life? ‘course ya do. (Try this one, for instance.) Exercise extreme caution when reading Hyperbole and a Half at work, as Sugar points out that sudden, repeated laughter in your cubicle is not very professional.

11 thoughts on “More To Say

  1. Thanks for turning me on to a new place that has The Funny. I haven't clicked through yet, but if you say it's funny, then I know it totally is.

    Trigger already? Wow. Is it okay if I flap my hands jump around in place while making squeaky noises of excitement for you both? Too bad. I'm doing it anyway.

  2. Wowsers, almost trigger time already! Woohooo! Hope that's followed with more good news soon.

  3. I looove Hyperbole and a half, but hadn't seen the pain scale. Now I'm dead from laughing. I am also stunned at how quickly you've gone from 0 to retrieval. Glad it's progressing okay, minus all the nasty side-effects…

  4. Trigger already (she echoes)! Sooooo exciting.

    My egg retrieval was indeed no big deal. Most difficult was the anxiety of knowing how many eggs we were going to get out of it. It was super fast, and the pain afterwards was mostly anesthesia-related (constipation to be frank). Pre-purchase your Gatorade!

    Can't wait for the big moment…

  5. Brill pain scale – (though sorry you on it at all and are so bone-weary). Got to have a look at hyperbole and a half, laughter being the best medicine and so on.

    Good luck for the trigger. Exciting times!

  6. Congrats on trigger day!! You're really in the thick of it now and I always felt bad with a couple ovaries filled to capacity also.

    As for ER's, make them give you a Valium to take before the procedure/ real anesthesia begins. For me, the happy pill took the edge off the day making all my memories faint and fuzzy.

  7. bwah ha ha hahaha! Thanks for that. I am so thrilled for you guys! Oooh, I can't wait to read the updates!

  8. Kym –

    Seriously one of the funniest things on the 'net.

    I hope this weekend's ER results in lots of big healthy follies! Good luck ladies!

  9. I posted My Retrieval Story on my blog just to emphasize that it really was no big deal. I figured it was better than a long-winded comment on your blog saying the same thing. (I always seem to want to write long comments here.)

    Also, I'm not sure I would recommend taking a valium before the procedure. I would be worried that it might interfere with the anesthesia. I was prescribed a valium for the day of the transfer to relax my uterus, but vicodin for the pain after ER if needed. I don't really need it, but I took it anyhow.

  10. Whoo hoo! Hope you get lots of great quality eggs!

  11. I love that pain scale. It made the rounds in the birth professional circles awhile back as an alternative to the traditional hospital-based scales. Unfortunately, I can't share it with most clients, but it makes me chuckle.

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