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Some Good Advice


Internets! Hello from day 4 of stims.

Things are going pretty well. I went in for blood work today, and they say I’m showing a good response. My estrogen is at 545. So tonight, Gonal-F went down to 187.5, and tomorrow we’re going in for more b/w and the first u/s look at what’s up in the ol’ egg cartons. I’m to bring the Ganirelix with me, in case it’s already time to start antagonizing the follies.
In side-effects land, I’ve had a bit of a backache, especially on Cysty Lefty’s side. Yesterday I had a tiny headache, which reached “blinding” this afternoon. Yuck, but Dr. Baby Factory said I can take the codeine I have for migraines if I need to, so it’s down to “splitting” now. I sure hope my head doesn’t just feel like this from here on out, but I feel I can’t complain much, since I’m not teaching right now and I can, in fact, lie down and groan if needed.
I can also lie down and nap, which is a darn good thing. I can’t believe how tired this stuff is making me. Sugar points out that I am, after all, growing a bunch of stuff, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe it’s just my native sloth. Lordy, though. I took a nap as soon as I got home from the Baby Factory and other Manhattan errands this morning. When I woke up, I felt like I could really go for a nap.
…which brings me to the advice portion. I was whining a bit to the splendiferous Fat Chick about all of this — do you all read her blog? Do you already know how brilliant and marvelous she is? I certainly hope so. (If not, I am dead jealous, since you get the pleasure of finding her blog for the first time.)
Here she is on side effects. I think I should print this out and stick it to the bathroom mirror:

Oh Bionic, you are a sweet, sweet noob. Here’s the thing: No matter what you are feeling, whether it be emotional or physical, if it is in the slightest way disconcerting, annoying, painful or otherwise negative – in your opinion or the opinions of those near and dear to you – it is always, always because of the drugs. If, on the other hand, you are feeling something positive, it is because you are such an emotionally and physically strong woman that you are able to do the impossible. Namely, you are able to function at a high level despite the added hormones.

Some examples, for clarification purposes:

Road Rage: Drugs
Laughing: You
Small Kitten Cuteness: You
Loud Neighbor Annoyances: Drugs
Inappropriately Unpleasant FB Update: Drugs

All clear?

I ā¤ Fat Chick. As does my Native Sloth:

9 thoughts on “Some Good Advice

  1. Fat Chick totally rocks (as do you and Sugar). Wishing you continued good luck with this cycle.

  2. This is freakin hilarious. I will now be following her. Wish you luck at the next dr. appt. And I think you should def. print that out!

  3. ha ha ha!!! brilliant!
    & dayum- check you out with your fabu response so far! Can't wait for the next update.

  4. I read her and she is beyond brilliant! The drugs man… lord girl they do some craZy shit to a sista! Hang in there its all good, well most of the time. Have a great weekend you two!

  5. Ummmm… blushing over here.

    And I heart you, too!

  6. I wonder if it's possible to come up with a similar list for those of us not on the drugs? Something that will absolve me of any guilt for the crappy things I do or ways I feel. Please do let me know if you come up with anything. Perhaps the drugs will put you in the proper frame of mind šŸ™‚

  7. Sounds like the stage is set for you. Hope the egg carton is full.

  8. Great advice! Off to check out Fat Chick's blog…

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