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Off To The Races


CD2 bloodwork and scan this morning. New cyst on right ovary caused panic that cycle would be canceled already, but voicemail says start shooting up tonight (!)

Off to go watch so injection videos, screw courage to the sticking place, etc.

For the cycle nerds:
200 U Gonal-F for three days; another scan + bloodwork on Friday.

ETA: REAL cycle-nerds may already know that Gonal-F pens don’t do 200 units, only 187.5 and 225. Several calls to the on-call doc later, I’m at 225.

9 thoughts on “Off To The Races

  1. Ooooo. Excited for you and also love that you're quoting some Shakespeare. I am exactly 5 days ahead of you in my cycle right now.

  2. Woo-hoo! Good luck with shooting up. 200 units, yikes! When I did my medicated IUI's I only did 75 and that was bad enough. Just remember, you're a total rockstar!

  3. i guess i'll just have to stick some courage in the screwing place, while i'm at it.

  4. So very excited for you. I'm already on the edge of my seat.

  5. Yeah babaaay.., yeah for this cycle so exciting! Did you see this article yet? I did not read in its entirety so hope its good. xoxo

  6. Ooh, excitement! On your marks..

    Good luck, Bionic!

  7. yay yay!!!!!!!!!
    smear your eyes with black eyeliner, pop in trainspotting soundtrack and INJECT!!!! woooo

    (ok- maybe it was just me that liked to have crazy inject nights during IVF med days…)

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