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14 thoughts on “Great Moments in Smartitude

  1. Oh, that brought me a much-needed laugh! (Because my life is super hard, don't you know.) Next time you need to be prepared with some other options, like…um……………um….scratch that suggestion.

  2. When I get that crap, I like to go into a longgggg explanation about my cycle or dh sperm or whatever. 🙂

  3. bahahahahaha I love it.

  4. That reminds me of the time the Fed Ex operator asked me that question after I called to find out where the delivery was since it was showing up as delivered on my computer but it certainly was not at my door. did you say “sperm” like, “DUH!” or did you say sperm like, “Sperm?” I said sperm like, “Sperm.” Why is it so strange to say the word “sperm” over the phone?

  5. I wish I could have seen the receptionist's face. LOL

  6. LOL, you should have said I am calling to see where my large pizza is. How I would have loved to see her face, loser!

  7. LMAO. When I had to call the administrator of our FSA, the lady who answered said, “ummmm I'll have to call you back about the ummm, donor sperm, and the cryogen—-what?????” LOL.

  8. Ha Ha. I think I've said the exact same thing to our Andrology department. Although NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS springs to mind, also.

  9. Some people ask the most stupid questions.

  10. mrs. b — it was like “um, seriously?” that receptionist is rather a piece of work. *always* all up in my business. but she is nonetheless vastly preferable to the one who works early mornings.

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