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Bullet-y Roundup


Hey gang. There’s been way too little about hoo-has on this blog lately, no? Sorry about that. We’re in a period of hoo-ha dormancy at the moment, ending soon. To whit:

  • We’ve been on TTC break, but IVF commences in round about 2 weeks. (This protocol begins on CD2, and all signs point to my ovulating about now.) I’m excited and totally freaked out. I am trying not to take my lunacy out on Sugar, but dreaming of needles every night is getting old (and tiring).
  • Speaking of needles, I have been going to acupuncture every week for some time now. I really like the practice, Brooklyn Acupuncture Project. It’s clean and nice and cheap. The practitioners are friendly and no one’s tried to talk me into changing my diet. (I have a history of disordered eating and know from experience that even small, reasonable changes lead me directly to the place of hypercontrol, which leads directly to the place of not eating. Which can’t be a good move, health-wise.) I’m not sure how much it’s helping with my chief complaint, anxiety (see dreams above). It does chill me out on the day of the appointment, and I suppose I am moderately less crazy than I was in April, so that’s something. What I don’t like about acupuncture is how it wears me out for the whole day. Do others of you have this?
  • Have any of you done IVF at NYU? Know any bloggers who have? Since it looks like Nicole will have to wait a few months, I’ve lost my cycle buddy — and I was selfishly hoping she’d go first and give me the lay of the land.
  • I’ve ordered the meds. Still need to sort out whether Dr. Baby Factory will stick to his statement that he’ll let me try the progesterone coochie bullets, since the shots freak me out.
  • We need to order more sperm. This week, yo.
  • We found a church hall to have our wedding party in! Now we just need to get some food and invite people….
  • A veritable bevy of my aunts is in town. My mother, too. This has led me to blurting out things about my vaginae, cervices, and so on many times in the past few days. Since living in New York means living in public, said blurting has occurred in inappropriate places: the check-out line at the food coop, a busy sidewalk on 35th street.
  • My mother and her sisters are all deaf to varying degrees, so said inappropriate blurting has also been very loud. And repeated. Continuing to do my bit to keep city life interesting.

I owe you a number of posts, internet. Posts about why I feel guilty moving on to IVF so soon, and about why it is a good idea anyway. Posts about why I’m not taking Dr. Baby Factory’s advice and letting him remove my vaginal septum, even though doing so is on balance the more logical decision. Posts about how I’ve become someone who screams about my vagina in midtown. I’m certain to feel more frantic in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

And I’ll get a new Come and Eat post up soon. Meanwhile, try playing this game. (Tip o’ the nib to Geek and Lawyer.)

9 thoughts on “Bullet-y Roundup

  1. I haven't been following you for long and I couldn't find any history posts, so I don't know how many cycles you've been through. I only did 4 IUIs w/ Clomid. I feel like maybe we should do some injectible cycle IUIs, but not that strongly and definitely not strongly enough to disagree with New RE about moving on to IVF.

    Also, I don't know anyone with two vaginas, but I do have a co-worker with two uteruses. She managed to have two natural full-term pregnancies without complications.

    And how is it it that so many of you are all in NYC?

  2. So what if parts of NY know about your hoohaa. It just gives them something to talk about at the end of the day. Hoping that the coming weeks go well and that the IVF is wonderfully successful.

  3. So, what are you doing in August? I'm coming up to NYC for BlogHer and am already planning on meeting Dora and I'd love to meet you guys too.

  4. It's hard not to fixate on all the questions you're promising to answer later… But…HOLY SHIT! You're starting IVF! In two weeks! SOMETIMES IT WORKS! IT COULD WORK FOR YOU!!! This is pretty exciting, particularly for those of us in more extended hoo-ha dormancy periods.

  5. Aww, I get a shout out! Thanks 🙂 You really must let me know if you get any good dirt on IVF at our clinic. If not, you're clearly going to have to become the expert so I can benefit from your wisdom. As for acupuncture, I've been a huge fan since long before TTC. I often knock out during the session, but never experienced feeling zonked the whole day. Have you told them that? I feel like acupuncturists love that kind of information.

  6. My acu was always in the late afternoon – hence cloud-walking-bliss was perfectly timed. Quit your job, so as to enjoy the post-acu feeling all day!

  7. Blurt on, Bionic! We need more blurters.

    Also, I can understand you don't want to mess with your diet. I have a good friend who is wary for the same reason.

  8. If I heard someone in the street yelling about their second vagina, it would absolutely make my year.

  9. I guess technically blurting in NYC can't be as public as all of us blurting about our gonads on the internet.

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