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Choose Glory


Y’all, reunion was more than I could have dreamed. I feel loved and reinvigorated, and I wish I could give you all the gift of feeling the way I have felt for the past several days.

What I can do is urge you to find time to listen to this commencement speech, the best I have ever heard. At a time in my life when so many things aren’t going as I would like, when I often feel that I am not living up to the potential of my mind (or body) because I am not surrounded by the accolades and riches (and babies) I envy, this was just the reminder I needed that striving counts more than winning.

Even if you’re not a Rachel Maddow fan, even if your politics and mine are only distantly related, I believe this speech will make your heart glad.

Oh, stop reading my ramblings and listen:

(A new Come and Eat post will go up tonight.)

7 thoughts on “Choose Glory

  1. What an odd coincidence–MY weekend featured two utterly awful commencement addresses, someone telling me about the existence of the double down sandwich (oh blissful ignorance!), and some destroying of saloons!

    That was indeed a wonderful address. Thank you for sharing it! I can be happy with glory over fame!

  2. Good, that.
    Me too, I do it for the glory and I regret nothing!

  3. That's really a great commencement speech. Glad you had a good weekend.

  4. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time.

  5. Wow. I love that speech a lot. I read it, but I'm sure listening to it would make it even more powerful.

  6. Glad that you had a good time, and that you are feeling loved and reinvigorated. And that was a fantastic speech!

  7. The speech was fantastic — and Rachel Maddow makes it even more delicious.

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