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Mostly Wordless Wednesday


End of semester grading is more fun with a friend.

(Not this year, sadly. Several Christmases ago, with my parents’ super-duper cat, Spots.)

But! When I get done I get to go to my college reunion! White dresses! Traditions! Gaudeamus! Igitur!

Not bringing my computer, so I’ll have to catch up with y’all when we get back.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to Come and Eat.

11 thoughts on “Mostly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Have fun.
    Kitty cat looks seriously pleased with him/herself. Lazing around on someones paperwork. What more could a kityy want other than maybe some tuna.

  2. Have a blast at your reunion. And Spots, waaay too cute reminds me a bit of my Charlie. xoxo

  3. ahh what a little attention seeker. looks like someone wants to join in too. bless!

    My entry is at my Mummy Diaries blog

  4. Mmmm, I'm gonna wallow in my precious semester of NO GRADING! HA! Vivant lazy professores!

  5. Have fun! I have my 20th high school reunion this weekend. Yikes.

  6. Gorgeous kitty. Have fun at the reunion.

  7. awwwwwww! kitty!!!
    (I know. I'm like farking 5 when I see a cat)

  8. awww! Oh, dear, such a sucker for cats, dogs….small cute things, really. Enjoy your reunion! Catch ya on the flip side.

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