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Come and Eat Update


Hi gang,

Seeing as how several people have signed up recently on last week’s Come and Eat list, how about we just have that one run for two weeks. I’ll post a new sign up on Sunday or Monday.

Meanwhile, if you want to play (please play!) write a post about a meal, and put a link to that post (better than to just your blog’s main page) on the Come And Eat list here.

Starting next week, it’ll be weekly. For reals.


5 thoughts on “Come and Eat Update

  1. I don't know if I have time to do this but I promise I will try! Sorry I have been such a slacker!

  2. DOOOOOOOD. you are not a slacker. are you kidding? you frickin' Made My Day by signing up first for this thing, just when i was moping around about how nobody likes me and how i should write my next post about eating worms.


  3. I want to do this! I do, I do. It's just…I don't know if I can pull it off. Why do I feel like this is more complicated than a regular post? It's not, of course. But then I read the crazy-great food posts that you do and Schroe does and I start to feel all inadequate and shit. Oh, and did I mention that I have an MFA in creative non-fiction writing? Well yeah, I do. And yet… (Damn. Who knew I had so many issues? Rhetorical of course.)

  4. me too! i have one of them — and i get totally blocked up about this blog-writing business whenever i think about it. so don't tell anyone, eh?

    please don't feel inadequate. you could post a single picture of a half-eaten chicken nugget and you would make me happy because you played my silly meme-game. you literally cannot lose, here.

  5. Hi Bionic Baby Mama,

    I have put up my C & E post. I hope the Mr Linky worked correctly? Also look forward to doing this more often. Thanks for the great project!


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