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Weekend: A Picture Book


Hey there buckaroos and buckerettes. Hope you’re having a nice weekend. We sure are. Here’s what we’ve been up to (post-sitting-around-in-towels):


We started off at the community garden, composting, planting in the tree well, and generally, erm, soaking it all in. Not pictured: the squirrel Sugar found in one of the cisterns, soaking it all in for the last time.


The spirea is blooming. I like to call it bridal wreath.

And the columbines are starting.

From there, the train to Chinatown (Manhattan version), for lunch, art supplies, and textile madness.

We did not eat in this very picturesque place.

Instead, we had Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles, which sound dirty and taste amazing.

We bought drawing pens and an eraser shield at Pearl Paint, aka, EAR PAIN. Eraser shields kick ass.

And ate glittery sandwich cookies at Purl Soho’s new-location party.

Chinatown Loot
Loot! That’s a lotus root, by the way. They’re crunchy.

Purl Goodies
Presents! Purl gave us a gift bag. (We bought the thread.)

Home again, home again, lickety split. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, where we saw flowers, bees, and the Family O.

More bumble bees around this bush than you can shake a stick at.


A rainy day at home with WWOZ’s broadcast of Jazzfest and some crafty action.

Sugar made crepes!

And bread!

And turned Bionic’s students’ old papers into a dress pattern.

While Bionic sewed and embroidered and took pictures of her blue jeans, just for Calliope.

Wishing you a peaceful, happy Sunday.

9 thoughts on “Weekend: A Picture Book

  1. What a wonderful weekend! I am impressed with your creativity and productivity! Wasn't Saturday just gorgeous?

  2. What a lovely weekend! I am so sad that I didn't think about WWOZ and jazz fest….. I was so wishing I could have gone and totally didn't connect the dots on that one! Ugh! Next year!

  3. Pearl Paint, gardening, planting, baking =

  4. fixin'! don't despair — it's on next weekend, too!

    and frankly, any given weekend with OZ is almost as good as the fest.

  5. Man, that all looks fantastic, like some kind of romantic comedy about picturesque city livin'! Perhaps next post you can reveal that the household (cat included) all has very unromantic boils on its asses or something? Just to make the rest of us feel better?

  6. Love your photo-journal of the weekend. I took a bunch of similar photos this weekend….looks like it was fantastic.

  7. bunny: well, the cat DOES have boils, a hemorrhoid that sometimes flares up. even when it doesn't, she frequently prefers to poop anywhere but her box. it's gotten so i don't even yell about boiling my foot when i meet an unexpected pellet anymore.

    also not pictured: my center-most bottom teeth have suddenly gone a little more crooked, such that one of them was cutting my lip. so now i'm trying my damndest to jam my old retainer on, in the hopes of realigning it. sexy.

    does that help?

  8. Sounds like a truly fabulous weekend!

  9. Ah, sounds like the perfect weekend…

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