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10 thoughts on “The Cat Turns Around

  1. The fact that she turned her back on you seems like she clearly told you to kiss her furry butt. Cats and their haughty “rulers of the world” attitudes. I love them (but still prefer the affability of dogs).

    As a side note, on the first day of my high school Spanish class, we were all to choose a Spanish name from a list on the inside of the book cover to use as a nickname. I chose 'Michaela'. I don't think my teacher – who had the mouthful-of-marbles name Mr. Boguszewski (bo-goo-CHESS-kee)- ever learned my real name. To this day, if I happen to see him around town he snaps his fingers and points, “Heeeey!!! It's um…um…MICHAELA!”

  2. Oooh! Lovely one.
    What could be nicer to draw than a cat? So perfect.

  3. I'm pretty sure my cats control the house…as does the dog. beautiful drawings.

  4. Your drawings are beautiful!

  5. Your drawings are lovely. I wish I had such talent!

  6. haha My hubs and I regularly ask ourselves the same question (about our kitties). They're probably thinking, “These giants we live with are a trip. Sometimes they're naked. Sometimes they cover themselves in fabric. They're always making noises and picking us up as they please. How did we GET here???”

  7. Another awesome sketch man. I know isn't it amazing how we share and love these little felines so much. I often wonder what Charlie thinks of us. I bet sometimes he is thinking these people need a life! No, he loves us, i think.

  8. I am never drawing again. What's the point? Those have the elegance and panache..yes, panache of a Degas study. No offense but I'm thoroughly discouraged. Is there anything you can't do?? I THINK NOT. THIS is PROOF.
    always aunt wicked

  9. I wonder sometimes what my cats think of me as well. Sometimes they seem so independent but they sure hate it when I leave them alone.

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