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The sweet (and eminently blog-stalkable) Nicole has tagged us for a meme! I do love getting tagged, must say. It’s one of those one-word-only dealios. So here I am, in uncharacteristic brevity.

Hair: admired

Your Mother: all-knowing

Your Father: gentle

Fav Food: meat*

Dream Last Night: lost

Fav Drink: iced

What room are you in?: bedroom

Hobby: what?

Fear: consumes

Where were you last night?: safe

Something that you aren’t: certain

Muffins: homemade

Wish List Item: tree

Where you grew up: Carolina

What you are wearing: soft

Your Pet: warm

Friends: surprising

Something you’re not wearing: underpants

Fav Store: Here

Fav Color: singular?

Last time you laughed: asleep**

Your Best Friend: laughs

Best Place you go over and over: garden

Person who you email regularly: Dada

Fav Place to Eat: outside

*Apologies to the Committee for Lesbian Standards and Practices.

And now I suppose I should do some taggery of my own, eh? Do you want to be tagged? Please be tagged, then. I mean it. Let me know if you do it, and I’ll come read.

Also, how about good ol’ starhillgirl, since tagging prompts her to post and I live for her posting? And familyo, if she can fit it in between Golden Girls episodes?

4 thoughts on “Memeage

  1. I did a meme almost identical to this. It is so much fun.

  2. Glad you did it! And happy you were happy to be tagged 🙂 This is now the second time that damn Trashy Diva store has turned up on your blog, so I officially need to buy something. I only say “damn” because the last thing I need is another place to spend money I don't have, but their dresses are so damn pretty!

  3. heh, nicole, that trashy diva link was largely for your benefit. i'm not so convinced i HAVE a favorite store, but i do have some favorite dresses…. (flirt, in brooklyn, usually has some in stock, if you want to be really tempted.) and those dresses look about a million times better on a curvy body than they do on the rack — a miracle! dresses made for wearing! imagine that!

  4. Ok! I am on this! Right now! Only a little late…..

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