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5 thoughts on “Michaela in the Morning

  1. Lol…she is too cute!

  2. What did she get into?

  3. That's funny. Did she roll in dirt? I have an all white cat and one summer I was in a house with a whole house fan and had it on. The suction pulled the fireplace doors open and Sara got in the fireplace and goofed around. She was all covered in soot and tracked it all over the house too.

  4. i have no idea how she did this. here's what i do know:

    – it's dirt
    – presumably from the aloe found sideways behind the electric piano, on top of the heating vent (read: radiator cover).
    – there is dirt EVERYWHERE in that room. including above the presumptive path of the falling aloe.

    i can only surmise that the whole adventure was a game of catch gone awry.

  5. So she had a mud bath. Maybe thats her way of telling you she wants a spa day, mud treatments and all. Too cute though and yeah for aloes meeting the sun.

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