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3 thoughts on “Needling Question

  1. I did not do acu for endo (that sounds like an 80's pop band – Acu for Endo. heeheehee, sorry) but I did do it during 2 of my 4 IVFs. And those 2 were my best cycles. Helped with blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, and also really helped with feeling bloated and tired. I think it helps relax you, and if you are having pain, it can help ease the nervous system. Good luck!

  2. I didn't do acupuncture for endo either, but I did do it pre and post my last IVF and IUI, and I got pregnant on both (lost the pregnancy on that IVF though). I found acupuncture very relaxing, and it helped me with back and sinus pain too.

  3. Bah – I just wrote this whole response and stupid google messed it up!

    Anyway, I have been doing acupuncture for fertility for awhile – since I started TTC 2 years ago, with a regular acupuncturist, and then for ~6 or 8 months with an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. I'm not pregnant yet, so there's that, but I do think it helps. I am always much more relaxed afterwards. My body responds really well to it and I've done it in general for years – for allergies, cramps, back problems, etc. Btw, if you do it, make sure you go to someone who specializes in fertility – I go to 2 acupuncturists now (the fertility one and my original one) and the original one used to put needles in places that are contraindicated for pregnancy because she didn't know.

    I've also taken chinese herbs I got from my acupuncturist, though my RE doesn't approve of them. She (acupuncturist) says studies done in China have shown that the herbs increase the viability of the eggs.

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