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Tacky or Hip?


It’s time for Baby and I to come clean: we’ve been two-timing you all. We also write a craft blog that’s been going for a few years, but we write under different names. I usually post instructions for how to make whatever craft object the post is about. I’m putting this post up on show and tell cause I thought you might want to see it. (I know, it’s getting a bit meta around here, what with posts about posts about posts.)

Anyway, the most recent edition to our craft blog is instructionis for this lovely beaded item (made by me) which Baby thinks is ugly.

deer head necklace

Last time I wore this thing out of the house she said, “I hope you don’t get shot on the way to the party,” (as in mistakenly shot by all those three-sheets-to-the-wind-north-woods-hunters we’ve got sitting up in the duck blinds of Crown Heights). Anyway, I think it’s cool.

Here’s a link to our crafty blog.

Make sure you go check out what the other kids are showing!



6 thoughts on “Tacky or Hip?

  1. haha Oh dear. =) I, for one, think that's one dashing stag. I like the pixelated quality with the dainty chain.

    Lookin' forward to checkin' out the rest of your crafty blog!

  2. What with the crab claw-like antlers, I gotta say I'm with Baby on this one.

    I appreciate the artistry, though, and until I saw that it was actually a giant necklace, I thought to myself that it would look lovely hanging from a sunshiny window. Just watch out for those bullets when gazing out at your azaleas. 🙂

  3. Um its kinda cool in a strange way to me actually. Would I rock it, um not sure, but probably though. You got skillz girl, I am going to check out your craft blog, cause I am so not crafty but love reading about you that are.

  4. It's very creative and well done. I know when I lived in Montana something like that would go over pretty well.

  5. ugar honey, I love you guys. I think you are wickedly alented and love so many of the things on your craft blog…the enameling, the knitting, and so much more. I can even admire the technique and talent it took to make the stag…but, you couldn't get me to wear it, EVER.

  6. Although it has been said that the only taste I have is in my mouth, I must side with Baby on this one. But hey, it's the wearer who must like it, right?

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