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Tylenol — Let Me Be More Clear


It occurs to me that my last comment on Tylenol not actually doing anything could be read two ways.

1. “Tylenol won’t hurt the theoretical cell-bundle.”
That it not what I meant.

I meant:

2. “Tylenol is basically a placebo (that gives you liver damage).”

I’ve given up taking it, as it doesn’t seem to make a damn bit of difference one way or another. Whining seems just as effective at making me feel better.

In other news, Sugar has sweetly offered to make red beans and rice, which I had planned to make for a Superbowl party today. (I’m not particularly a football fan, but I am a huge New Orleans fan, which makes this the first year ever that I’ve cared who wins the game. Plus, I’d far rather cook and eat in honor of New Orleans than Indiana.)

My wife. She sure beats Tylenol.

2 thoughts on “Tylenol — Let Me Be More Clear

  1. Red beans and rice – wish I had it for breakfast.

    I usually watch the Superbowl only for the commercials.

    You two are cute.

  2. I figured that's what you meant. Tylenol 3 is safe, too, if you've got any. And SOME advil is okay – I took it a handful of times during pregnancy, though I felt guilty every time. heh.

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