Bionic Mamas

you're not losing a vagina, you're gaining a son



It doesn’t actually DO anything, does it?

I’m not terribly sick, but I do want an aspirin. I don’t really think I’m…marmot…but just on the off chance….

Thank heavens for Sugar, who brought my lunch to the sofa, and for my cat, who’s loyally guarding me as I rest.

4 thoughts on “Tylenol

  1. Marmot? Did someone say marmot?

    Feel better; I have the cruds today, too.

  2. Tylenol is all good and safe to take. Go for it!

  3. Hope it helped a bit. And the scones, damn they look good!!!

  4. Oh my Kym, that is awesome. WE LIKE THA MARMOTS! Somehow, I have a feeling that song is going to play in my head every time I eat soup from now on. Kinda like CANDY MOUNTAIN, CHARLIE, CANDY MOUNTAIN every time I so much as think of mountains.

    Hope you are feeling better, Bionic. And I do hope the Marmot God will be sending you some marmotty goodness this time around.

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