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You Know What’s Awesome?


Valium. Valium is awesome.

If I were in the market for a new addiction, I’d strongly consider this one. Although bear in mind that I am still pretty loopy.

You know what’s better than valium?

You all. Thanks for all the kind messages today. When I heard the word “tenaculum,” I unfolded them and read them again. (And tried to name every part of England that I could. I’m pretty good with geography, but not when high, apparently. Kept getting caught in a Devon-Dover-“They’ll be bluebirds over the white cliffs” loop.)

More later, when I am sobered up. Typing like this is way too hard.

P.S. The socks, for the curious and the SITM faithful, are from Little Miss Mismatched (which means there’s a third one, too, in red and yellow). The nurse liked them, too.

4 thoughts on “You Know What’s Awesome?

  1. I've had to take Valium before each one of my transfers and it's never had that good of an effect on me. Drats – somehow I feel like I'm being cheated. Vicodin and Demorol, however – now that's some GOOOOOD stuff.

    I love Little Miss Mismatched. The girls each have a few sets of LMM pjs, but I have never bought socks from them before. Must change that ASAP because those socks are the Bad Ass.

    Now onto the crazy phase….

  2. Love the LittleMissMatched socks and I hope they brought you luck!

    I'm jealous of y'all and your reactions to meds. All Vicodin does is kill pain. I get none of the fun reactions.

  3. I love LittleMissMatched socks too! I have a couple of different pair.
    Quite a few years ago I had a coworker give me a pill for my cramps which I happily took without question (long before my days as a nurse). A couple hours later as I was giggling away my friend asked her what she gave me. Turns out it was a valium. I remember it being rather nice.

  4. I'm a Xanax girl myself. Took 2 .5s before my first egg retrieval, and I couldn't walk by myself by the time they called me back.

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