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Updates of All Sorts


One of those dreadful bullet-blogs.

Exciting things afoot (asnatch?) over at Two Hot Mamas! Go give ’em some labor-love!

— Couple new things up on the Etsy site:
1. the aforementioned custom pet stamp by Bionic
2. a wickedly sweet/sweetly wicked skull pendant drawn and enameled by Sugar

— Tentatively good news on the job/insurance front. After some serious hustle on my part, enrollment in the my endangered class is one student shy of “off the radar” for cancellation. I’m hoping that means they’re likely to run it even if I don’t get another one by Thursday. I also have calls all over the place to see if I could get coverage by taking a Saturday kids’ class offered by the same department. I’d rather not have to, since my horrible commute becomes excruciating when it meets the reduced weekend bus service, but I’d also rather not lose my insurance.

— I’ve been peeing on sticks and so on, and we’ve decided we’ll climb back on the TTC horse this month, now that insurance looks less scary. Frankly, due date for a child conceived this time of year is still bad for us financially — fall is my higher-earning semester — but I’m not willing to insem only during the limited “good timing” months. Especially because…

— I’ve talked to Dr. Baby Factory about my endo questions. He says yes, the GI badness probably is endo, but that there’s not much to be done about it, as that location has particularly bad surgical outcomes. (Basically, the scar tissue from surgery between vag and rectum is likely to be much worse than any original adhesion. Cervix glued to rectum, that kind of thing.) He also said, “I hope I haven’t given you the impression that I think everything is fine with your chances of conception,” and brought up again the idea that going to IVF after 3-6 IUI attempts might be more cost-effective in our case. Sigh.

Okay, I know this is the part you really want updated:

Pee Stick Follies Update….I chickened out. I already know what happens to silica gel when it’s allowed to absorb liquid for a few hours. And if Sugar came home to find quivering chunks of pee-jello on the bathroom sink, you can bet I’d lose all rights to talk about how icky her neti pot is.

If it’s any consolation, I did have a hell of a time getting the packet out of the pee-cup neatly. In fact, such a thing proved impossible. Don’t tell Sugar.

6 thoughts on “Updates of All Sorts

  1. Damn, it sucks that the GI badness is most likely endo. I'm hoping and praying this cycle is a success for you.

  2. “quivering chunks of pee-jello”

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comment in my blog! I hear you on having to show off the lady bits to strangers. I used to hate going to male doctors for lady bit visits. I had to get over that of course and now I am picking out “cute” socks to wear in the stirrups and contemplating putting happy faces on the soles. The things IF does to ya…

    Good luck TTC. I have endo as well and have GI issues that are absolutely related to my cylces. I was also given the same speech about IVF. We went right to IVF, but it wasn't an easy choice. We are OOP too, so unfortunately money was also a consideration.

    Take care!

  4. I can't control my laughter over Pee jello..thats freakin great.

  5. …and if you get knocked up now, you can enjoy a full summer of huge, sweaty-bellyness! Fun! ICLW

  6. Jelly pee, too funny. I hope you are pregnant soon, cause I will be pregnant next month then we will have our babies around the same time. Happy iclw, you are a trip girl!

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