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Show and Tell and Beg A Favor


Calendar Image Sample

Hello, lovies. It’s time again for Mel’s Show and Tell. When you’re done here, go check out what the other kids are sharing.

It’s scary financial times in the Bionic household. It suddenly looks like I may lose one of the two classes I’m scheduled to teach this semester — already a low number, bank-account-wise — which would mean losing not only income but also my health insurance. What this means for you is likely losing the chance to listen to me griping about pee until the fall, when I can get back into the system and therefore into the RE’s office. BUT! It is a new year and TIME TO MAKE THE FREAKING LEMONADE ALREADY.

We had already (before scary news) planned to revamp our Etsy site in an attempt to garner a little pin money; here’s motivation to get on that, pronto, even if it’s for milk money instead. (Man, I’d love to find a way to make enough for sperm money….) And internets, I sure could use some market research help. If you could let me know what you think of these ideas — and perhaps what you think reasonable prices might be — I’d be much obliged.

Item 1:

Beastial Wall Calendars



Yes, I know it’s a bit late in the season for these, but we have them around, so why not give it a shot, I figure. Each page is 4.25″x11″, with a different drawing by Sugar or me. We’ll list it both as printed — high-quality ink on heavy, matte photo paper — and as a cheap, you-print-it PDF.

We’ll also list an option of a 12-month rolling calendar, with date range of your choice. For instance, if you ordered one now, we could make it February 2010 – February 2011, so you still get two month’s worth. Crazy? Plausible?

Item 2:

Stationery stamped with handmade rubber stamp images of animals (or something else? thoughts?). Here’s an example of a set I made for Sugar’s turtle-obsessed mom this Christmas:


Her set was 10 cards each in 2 designs; I’d probably do 5 each in 4 designs for sale. (I made my mother a set like that, with 4 different images of her beguiling cat, but didn’t think to take a photo. Duh.) The cards themselves are very nice, heavy paper — the picture is of a paper with an artfully rumpled surface, but I’ll do future batches on smoother stuff, as these take the ink a bit unevenly.

I’ve also made dishtowels printed this way.

Item 3:

Custom stamp of your pet (or what-have-you). Here’s one I made of a friend’s dog:

Original photo:

The Nose Approaches....


These could be sold two ways:

– You commission a particular item or set of items with your pet’s image — say, a set of cards or an apron. I keep the stamp when done and add it to my general rotation.

– You commission the stamp itself, with all rights to the image. I send you the completed stamp, one stamped item (set of cards?), and instructions for what inks are permanent on fabric, etc. This version would cost more, since I don’t get future use of the image.

Help me, internets, please!

6 thoughts on “Show and Tell and Beg A Favor

  1. I love those ideas. I know the key on Etsy is to only list a few things at a time and CONTINUALLY list new thngs so you will always show up near the top of the list. Good luck.

  2. Absolutely love the stamp idea (#3). I think the stationary would sell well too. A rolling calendar would be helpful–especially if people could set the dates. For instance, sometimes, I wish I had a next year calendar (a 2011) right now as I purchase the 2010. If I could get one and fill it out way in the future, it would be worth it. I would create it so people could customize how many months they want in the calendar and charge by the month. So people could order a 36 month calendar, etc.

    Oh, and don't forget to list the Etsy info on LFCA.

  3. These are great! Love it. Stopped by to say hello from the Show and Tell 🙂

  4. I htink we've seen the first two on etsy plenty of times, but the stamp! YO!

    I think if you offered TWO things: a) send me a peecture, I makea cards, etc. for ya, I charga you 25.00, which includes the first set of “things.” Then for each additional “thing,” you can charge a discount from the normal rate. and b) I makea da stamp, I senda to yous, I charga you $50.00.

    Does that sound right? It seems, compared to stores like Delphinium, and other trendy stores in the city, on par with what they would charge. THESE ARE GREAT!

    And the dishtowels? ❤

  5. I love the stationary but i think the stamp is a brilliant idea i could just see my Benji on a stamp 🙂

  6. thank you all for the comments! the first stamp listing is up on etsy now — if you want one, email me for a thank-you discount 🙂

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