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What We Did Over Christmas Break



This is a quilt we had every intention of finishing in time to give to our friend before the birth of her baby…but what’s a four-month delay among friends?

We are happy to say that this is one of the few things the baby in question did not puke all over during our visit. (None of our clothing shares that distinction. Lucky thing he’s got a cute laugh.)

4 thoughts on “What We Did Over Christmas Break

  1. Wow, that is really cool!

  2. okay. Where'd you get the deer heads and where do I get one?
    They're a must for any city dweller.

  3. well lookie who figured out blogger! we should leave town more often — it's evidently good for your technological self-sufficiency! 😉

    surely your brothers could help you locate a topper like ours, but be sure to credit us when Vague Magazine interviews you as a trend-setter. and don't wear one at the farm or you're liable to get all shot up….

  4. You two are so talented!

    Sorry I missed you when you were in Chicago. When are you coming back for another visit?

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