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Three Cajun French Hens


Lookie: news that has nothing to do with my hoo-ha!

I got a pretty new dress!

It came from my very most favorite dress shop, in New Orleans. I thought about making that modifier restrictive, but I really can’t think of a dress shop I love more…unless it’s this one, where the dress is now off to be altered so it fits me just right.

Trashy Diva (where the dress came from) specializes in beautifully made dresses in 30s, 40s, 50s, and sometimes other styles. Their silk dresses are absolutely worth the money, and I say that as a notorious tight wad. The cotton ones are also awfully pretty…one of these days I’ll try one out for real. Theses are dresses that make you so happy to have curves, and they don’t top out at size 6, either. (The other one I was interested in this time didn’t come in my size, but only because the factory shorted them, not because they didn’t intend it to. Several of the dresses go up to size 18.) When I visited New Orleans and my friend offered to drive me around to save my renting a car, our first stop was their Magazine Street shop, where I reinvested the money I’d planned to give to Hertz in what has become my little black dress:

Yes, my little black dress has dragons on it.

Need I remind you what a mitzvah it is to send money in the direction of the still-recovering Gulf Coast?

Trashy Diva sell through the website but also in a few stores, including Brooklyn’s splendid Flirt, which not only sells oh such nice things but also runs sewing classes and open studio time (with sergers!), makes custom skirts, and generally rocks. They didn’t have the exact dress I wanted in my size, but the minute I stepped out of the dressing room in the one I’d tried on for fit, the owner said, “by the way, we have lots of experience with the alteration you need on that dress.” So the dress went right to them after it arrived, and I don’t have to fret about ruining it by taking the back in myself.

I promise this post is not empty product placement — though Trashy Diva and Flirt are such magnificent establishments that I would be happy to shill for them both — but rather foreshadowing of a kind. If I didn’t owe you so many posts, I’d spit it out in this one.

Yay for pretty new dresses! Yay for occasion to wear them!

2 thoughts on “Three Cajun French Hens

  1. Absolutely gorgeous dresses!

  2. LOVE your new one. That is so classy.

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